Oven Service & Repairs

Oven Service & Repairs

We Provide a good Over Services 

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Diplotech appliance Repair technicians take care of your oven service needs quickly and affordably. Our oven repairmen are committed to maintaining the manufacturer’s high quality of engineering standards. For oven repairs, the cost of repair is often less expensive than replacement. We fix all oven type including conventional, fan forced or multi-function oven.  Also, we will work with both gas and electric ovens.

Contact us if you notice any of these performance issues:

  •  gas oven fails to heat
  •  Oven fan works but no heat
  •  oven, grill works, the main oven does not work
  •  oven overheats and burns food
  •  oven does not heat up enough
  •  Food takes too long to cook

 Other common oven problems are:

  • Electronic display settings work but the electric oven does  not start
  • Circuit breakers  trip when unit is used
  • The fan is noisy
  • There is no Power to the clock and other display settings
  • The oven door does not close properly or has a poor seal
  • The self-cleaning function does not work well


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